Family Support Worker

Kidsgrove Primary has a Family Support Worker who can help parents and family members if they have any issues, worries or concerns.

Mrs Hancock is available each day so just drop in or make an appointment with the main office.

A family support worker offers support both within the Academy and outside it. They support parents/carers in a wide variety of ways, helping the ensure that pupils get the most out of their educations but helping to improve things like punctuality, attendance and behaviour.

They do this by providing one to one support and advice for those who need it, holding therapeutic sessions with your children or sign posting you to outside agencies.

During term time they work in partnership with parents/carers, the academy and other agencies to support children and their families, aiming to reduce current issues and prevent future difficulties.

Who can they help?

  • Children who are withdrawn or anxious.
  • Parents/Carers experiencing difficulties in managing their child’s behaviour.
  • Parent/Carers whose children are not attending the academy or who have been excluded.
  • Parents/Carers and children who are reacting to change, such as parental separation or bereavement.
  • Parents/Carers who may need support on a wider range of issues that are impacting on their family life e.g. illness, separation and domestic violence.

How do I contact the Family Support Worker?

With your consent the family support worker will export the difficulties your child is experiencing and identify the best way forward.

To contact the family support worker, fill in the form here and then return us via email by clicking here or drop in to the school office. Please make sure you place your form in a sealed envelope and mark with 'Private: For the Attention of the Family Support Worker'.

What can I expect?

Your family support worker will fill in a referral form with you. Before starting to work with children they will obtain your consent. They are able to offer a confidential service regarding personal issues. If necessary, they would seek your permission to share the information with staff at the academy or other agencies.

Should a Child Protection Issue be identified they are legally bound to follow Government Guidelines.