Year 5

Welcome to our year 5 class!

As year 5 we are working hard on getting to grips with many of the key skills we will need for year 6 and beyond. We pride ourselves on being warm, welcoming and respectful to everyone who comes to visit, and we love to show them our displays (which has our fantastic work displayed for everyone to see). If you came into year 5 you will see us being ready, respectful and above all, being safe.'


In Maths we have been looking at adding and taking away from numbers up to 1,000,000. We have also been looking at tables and lines graphs, we are now moving on to multiplication and division.

Within English we have been looking at a dilemma story "The Chocolate Touch" by Patrick Catling. We have also written a letter as the main character to gain a deeper understanding of the events and how the character is feeling. We will now be going on to produce our own dilemma story.

In Science, we have been focusing on biology. Therefore, we have focused on the reproductive cycles of mammals, fish, birds and amphibians and the reproductive cycles of humans.

Within our Learning Challenge topic we have been focusing on the Ancient Egyptians and looking at their customs and rituals such as mummification and the artefacts within the tombs.

In Reading we have been reading at a book called "Bling" by John Blake which is also a dilemma story to help support us within our English.

In Design and Technology we have been looking at designing and producing our own chocolate bars in line with our English work to help support descriptive writing and improve the skills used within our writing.

Within Modern Foreign Languages we have been focusing on German, specifically looking at "Hello, Good bye, good day" etc which the pupils have managed to pick up quite fast.

In Music, pupils are learning to play the recorder, we are currently trying to focus on playing London Bridge Is Falling Down. We are enjoying the challenge of this, it has been great fun.