Year 2

Summer Term: Giants!

We are very excited about our summer term topics around the themes of greatness and giants in Year 2.  We have a fantastic traditional tale to read and enjoy in 'Jack and The Beanstalk'.  We even have a gigantic beanstalk of our own in the classroom and we're sure we've heard the giant's footsteps thundering above the clouds.  We've immersed ourselves in lots of different versions of this story (our favourite so far has been Jack and the JellyBean stalk) and we've begun to plan and produce our own version of the story too.  In our science lessons we've been learning about how plants grow.  We've planted our very own bean seeds and are watching eagerly to see if they grow.  We've also planted sunflower seeds and can't wait to measure our sunflowers when they grow too.  In our art lessons we've been learning about the artist Vincent Van Gogh, our favourite painting is 'Sunflowers' and we've begun learning to mix different shades of yellow and orange so that we can paint our own sunflower masterpieces soon too.  Our history topic this term is 'The Great Fire of London'  and we have an exciting visit planned to Ford Green Hall soon where we hope to travel back in time and meet Samuel Pepys who can give us an eye-witness account of the terrible events in 1666.


Spring Term: 'Around the World in Eighty Days'

We are especially enjoying finding out all about life in different parts of Africa.  We have already learnt lots about the different animals that we might see in Africa.  We love our new jungle themed book area too because in Year 2 we are wild about reading!  One of our favourite activities so far this term was measuring our heights and comparing them to the height of a life-sized baby giraffe that wandered into our classroom one morning!   We are looking forward to finding out more about Africa during the rest of the term. 

Dwj6JsmXQAA_thDYear 2 Reading

Autumn Term: "Who lived in castles and why were they made of stone?"

We begun the topic when we found a dragon’s egg had been left in our classroom! We excitedly watched as the egg hatched and a baby dragon appeared. Inspired by our baby dragon we wrote poems that described dragons, went on a hunt around school to see if we could finds more dragons and then made a bar chart to show how many red, green and purple dragons there were.

We’ve also learnt about where castles can be found, why castles were built and who lived in castles. We’ve written diaries about a day in the life of a bold, brave knight and in our music lessons we learnt lots of songs about knights, dragons and castles. We then learnt to use hand bells to accompany our signing. Our science learning on materials has helped us to work out why castles any usually built from stone rather than wood. But the highlight of our term’s learning was definitely our trip to Stafford castle. We were able to dress as knights, wearing really heavy chain mail and helmets, explore the castle walls and mint our own silver coins. What a great day we had!

year 2