Our Pre-School prides itself in offering a fun learning environment for all children aged 2-3 years. The setting provides the highest of care in a warm, nurturing and friendly atmosphere and values the child as a capable, interactive, resilient, communicator, rich with wonder and knowledge.

Our aim is to deliver the very best introduction to the Early Years Foundation Stage and with our dedicated team of staff we implement an active programme that dedicates itself to the centre of the child’s interests; expanding their knowledge and skills in all areas of the Development Matters alongside a stimulating curriculum. Thus ensuring all children fulfil their very own potential ready for Nursery life.

Young children learn and develop quickly and within Pre-School we strongly believe that each unique child should have abundant opportunities to explore, investigate and engage in play. Play is the foundation for all learning and it is how children begin to understand and process their world ready for their big adventure of life.

A typical day in Pre-School would start with the morning routine which involves lots of singing as the children happily sing their hello song, weather song and days of the week song.  The children are then given the opportunity to explore the outdoor environment.

This is where they can safely enjoy the freedom of the outdoors exploring the bikes, scooters, large scale construction, gardening station, mud kitchen and many more fun activities. 

After their time outside the indoor classroom is then obtainable for them to explore. All activities are changed daily and are prepared around the child’s interests.  Throughout the morning your child will also take part in an adult focused activity and a small carpet maths and phonics game.  Each day your child will also have the chance to savour a selection of fruits and a have a drink with their friends.  We always end our session with a short story, followed by music and dance and a special helper celebration.

If you are interested in a place please contact Ms Colley (Business Support Assistant) or Miss Morrey (EYFS Manager) who will be happy to show you this delightful provision. Pre-School sessions currently run Monday to Friday 8.45am – 11.45am. From September 2019 we are excited to announce that we will be offering an extended school day from 7.30-5.30, all at very affordable prices. Please contact us to find out more.