Curriculum Intent

PS science

Our school curriculum enables us to celebrate the uniqueness of all within our learning community and aims to ensure that all children leave our school with limitless self-belief, ready for the next stage of their education and fully prepared for the world in which they will live. We recognise that this world is ever-changing and that pupils need to be prepared for life and work in a world of dynamic change, uncertainty and global challenge. We strive to ensure that children are equipped with the knowledge and tools to go on to live safely and happily, with full regard for their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  Our curriculum celebrates the rich and wonderful heritage of the local area whilst at all times remaining future-facing. It opens doors – both for now and in the future.

The Kidsgrove Primary School ensures that every child achieves their best. It insists on learning that is nothing but excellent. We believe that every child has the power to achieve something incredible and our curriculum provides both challenge and support to enable them to do this. Our curriculum content is built on a framework of values; values that are held in high regard by all. Knowledge is built upon across the age ranges, and key concepts are interwoven throughout to ensure that pupils are able to make connections between what is taught now and in the future.  In this way, our curriculum has the remarkable power to improve life chances and outcomes for all.